Thursday, June 28, 2012

Chinese Jokes on America

I was amused by the following satire. A white guy pointed and said to a Mexican family, "It's time to reclaim America from illegal immigrants!". The native Indian told him, "I'll help you pack."

My enhancement to the joke. The Chinese can stay. They have the same genes as the native Indians and Eskimos who must lose their way after too many Mai Tai and walked to America via the once-frozen Barring Strait. I have my genes to prove it.

A Time article showed a Chinese professor could read words inscribed on an artifact from a South American country. He said he was interested only in ancient Chinese language to avoid an international incident. Politically correct or scientific ignorant?

When folks make fun of my poor writing, I would say that my English is better than his/her Chinese.

Here is the joke on how American got its name.