Sunday, March 27, 2011

The blonde, Chinese in UCLA

Click here for YouTube.

Click here for the entertaining response from Jimmy Wong.

As Jimmy sings 'Ching Chong means I love you', Ching Chong to all and have a more harmonious world!

Click here this is quite funny too.

Click here for another fun 15 minutes.

We should improve our public behavior. Japanese are very polite, so do not generalize Asians. However, with the way she dressed, she does not need to go to the library to 'move' ahead, haha.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fool's links

English is not my native language and I had not written much in my IT career. I started some comments and wrote to understand my world using common sense. I believe you need to understand the world if you want to be a better investor. Since my early retirement, I was at one time full time in researching stocks. When the system (safer system to invest for old folks like me) is established, I have more free time now.

Most of the following are comments I wrote on Fool's Mountain web site which is not active now. They are all related to our world, US citizens immigrated from Hong Kong. Click on the selected link.

Bai Ding's Yellow Flower Hill Uprising. Its 100th anniversary is coming up soon.

City of Dreams, or nightmare? on Hong Kong

Father of China's missiles.

The Chinese Female Army: a liability or an asset. The beautiful pictures cannot be displayed any more.

A Nation of No Losers

Extremes of Two Nations

Chinese basher or apologist?

Defending China:
Human rights
Rare Earth
Intelligent Property

There are more from link.

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