Friday, January 22, 2010

Chinese, the language

I can speak Cantonese (being made in HK), understand some Mandarin (thanks to the mini series from China and movies), and speak a little Mandarin (better than the Cantonese from Mandarin-speaking folks like my graduate schoolmates in Amherst, MA).

The first emperor of China united the written language but not the spoken language, most likely due to the vast geographical size and communication about 2,000 years ago. Who says tyrant has no benefit o the society, haha!

Via our casual e-mail, my high school classmates Bai Ding and Irene have some comments on language as follows:

According to Bai, Cantonese is a better language for poems contrary to my original belief.

Cantonese that need translation.

Cantonese that need explanation.

New Cantonese in HK.

Dictionary for dirty Cantonese

Funny interpretation of the word 夫

There are many in my blog that I may have missed to include all of them. Hope you will enjoy the jokes as they are. Sorry most are in Chinese.

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