Thursday, May 21, 2009

Backup, backup...

It is part of the e-mail I replied to my friend John W. when his son's PC with the MS thesis died.

Prevention is better than all the works after disaster such as:

1. I have a cheap UBS drive (120GB) to backup once a month (sometimes earlier and sometimes longer depending on how important and how many new files I have). It is good to exchange files between different PCs. The newer ones are cheaper (by cost per GB) and smaller.

2. Open a gmail (or other provider) e-mail account and send yourself files you need to back up.

You should have security protection for some files like tax returns - I'm guilty of not doing a better job myself. When your computer dies, the disk drive could still survive. That's what happened to the famous HK movie star who had all the sexy pictures with his famous playmates publicized.

1 comment:

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