Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bridge game with Billy and Wally

Talking about vision, I have to tell you a true story. Promise me not to tell other, or I have to kill you.

One Chinese short guy knocked on my door and asked me whether I wanted to make $500 for playing bridge. It was a lot of money for a poor student. The guy was chain smoking and told me to pretend not to understand English and he had a vision that we will win. It was against two tall American guys Billy and Wally.

The business-looking Americans cheated talking about their cards in English and of course I knew what they’re having. We won $10,000. He told me his complete vision:

1. We Chinese have been losing for centuries, and these two, ‘informed’ Americans think we’re going to lose again.
2. They think all Chinese do not speak English (in 1970s).
3. They are physically developed but not mentally- from the mouth of a short Chinese.
4. To these rich folks, $10,000 is just peanuts - we want to win more than they.

My partner gave me $500 as promised. I told him I felt exploited and I should get more. He explained to me ‘this is the capitalism with Chinese characteristic’.

I heard he was cheated by another American guy for the $10,000 he won. It was a big cowboy hat and was supposed to belong to John Wayne. It is not too pricy to learn American capitalism this way. I do not know which country’s capitalism is better.

Original joke (c) 5-20-2009 and inspired by the word ‘vision’.

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  1. I wrote it due too much free time. Several questions.

    1. Is it garbage writing?

    2. Who are the two Americans?

    3. Who are the two Chinese?

    4. What is the time of this story?

    5. What is the preaching of this story?

    6. Which capitalism is better: Chinese or American?

    7. Do you think the young Chinese guy is exploited?

    8. Is the contract for $500 legal?

    9. Are the foreigners not developed mentally or just our dumb nationalism?

    10. Do you have any additional questions?