Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The 'imperfect' Canadians

We don't "BRAG" "We're Canadians".............
So We're Not Perfect!

We never claimed to be perfect,
That means we’ve learned to be humble.
We say excuse me and I'm sorry…as well as please and thanks,
Even when its not our fault we apologize.
Sure one arm of the torch didn't rise,
But when the earthquake struck Haiti, Canadians raised their hands to say…”We’ll help.”
And, there is a fence around the torch,
But you can walk right up and shake hands with our Prime Minister and most famous Canadians.
We put Gretzky in the back of a pick up, in the rain, not surrounded by police…and he was okay,
And by the way... the great one is Canadian…and HE wasn’t complaining!
We do have security at the games, but most people don't even have a gun they have to leave at home.
The medals ARE under lock and key, but our doors and our hearts are open to the world.
It has been pointed out that some buses broke down last week…they came up from California and couldn't handle our steep hills, but let’s not overlook the fact that our banking system didn't break down.
We didn't get the "green ice maker" right this time…but we will, eventually,
Just like we did when we invented the zamboni.
Citius altius fortius
If you don't reach higher how do you get faster and stronger?
Was the first quad jump perfect?
Should we not have given snowboarding to the world "in case" it didn’t take off?
So big deal…one out of four torch arms didn't rise. Good thing we had three more! It’s called contingency planning!
But remember…the Canada arm works every time in outer space…and insulin turned out to be a great thing.
We couldn't change the weather, but maybe we can help to stop global warming.
We don't have the tax base of the US or the power of the Chinese but, per capita, we ponied up for some pretty kick-ass venues in the worst global recession ever.
Sure, some folks couldn't afford tickets, but our health care is universal.
We have shown the world that we can raise our voices in celebration and song, but moments later stand in silence to respect a tragic event...together...spontaneously…and unrehearsed.
What's more, we don't need permission from anyone to have a slam poet, fiddlers with piercings and a lesbian singer tell our story to the world while our multilingual female Haitian-born, black head of state shares a box with her first nations equals.
We’ve shown the world that it doesn’t always rain in Vancouver, that you can strive for excellence, but not get hung up on perfection.
Sure, it would be awesome to lead in the Olympic standings with the most medals or to have won more than we have so far. But what we have showed the world is our support and enthusiasm for our athletes who are doing their best. And we do it like true Canadians, with humble, polite pride.

What's more we're finally starting to believe it!

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  1. You guys are not perfect.

    * With so much natural resources per capita, I expect you folks to do better.

    * If you guys want to brag, that means you're not perfect, haha.

    At one time, we propose to give 1 million to every Canadian, so we can buy the entire Canada. It was a joke but now it turns out to be a bargain!