Thursday, April 29, 2010

日本VS中国 氣功対決


  1. Before I watched this one, I expected the opposite result. What a surprise!

    The Chinese master was moving and acting some kind of animal. Most martial arts were originated from India's Yoga. Again, it shows us that if we do not improve, others will improve what they learn and make them their own and mainstream.

  2. Steve said:

    I've been practicing Xingyiquan, Baguazhang and Taijiquan for about 20 years. My teacher was an undefeated full contact champion in Taiwan and my school has produced world champion fighters (though we're surprisingly mellow otherwise) so I'm really familiar with these kinds of "demonstrations". Looks fake to me. No one I've known in the Chinese martial arts world has ever had this done to them and as my teacher used to say, if you can affect a person from a distance, try to affect a dog. LOL

    So I'm taking this one with a big grain of salt. The posturing and over the top acting before the actual "attack" looked pretty ridiculous, like they were making a movie rather than actually getting ready to fight. It felt like an Asian version of WWE wrestling. One of my friends is a former kung fu movie stuntman and currently trains organizations in qigong. I'll run it by him and see what he says.