Sunday, March 27, 2011

The blonde, Chinese in UCLA

Click here for YouTube.

Click here for the entertaining response from Jimmy Wong.

As Jimmy sings 'Ching Chong means I love you', Ching Chong to all and have a more harmonious world!

Click here this is quite funny too.

Click here for another fun 15 minutes.

We should improve our public behavior. Japanese are very polite, so do not generalize Asians. However, with the way she dressed, she does not need to go to the library to 'move' ahead, haha.


  1. I feel sorry for the girl who started the rant. She left UCLA and she got some death threats which are quite silly and did not give us a good image as a race. I know many college students do/did many racial slurs far, far worse than her. She never imagined it could reach millions in a week or so and the three minutes could offend 60% of the world population. Technology sucks!

    I draw some conclusion beside the above.
    * Really have to be careful on what we write/speak in the web. Most of my posts here are for fun though.

    * Her real sin is she is white. If she were yellow, black, Hispanic, she may not have to suffer from these consequences.

    * It is bully on a race. I find it a little insensitive, but quite entertaining, and a well-done piece for its entertaining value depending on how open you’re. When we talk about how other races behave in our dinner tables, unintentionally we could pass biases to our children. It looks like she got it from her parents unknowingly.

    * For me, it is also a constructive criticism. We, Chinese, talk too loud in public and do not behave well in public by American standard. I have many bad experiences: a old Chinese lady yelled in a subway or a college student picked his nose in public. Again, we gain respect from what we behave, and not from how wealthy we’re.

  2. The winner of this rant is Jimmy Wong. I do not know anything about him before the rant. His song is very good and tasteful, and he should be in American idol. I would not be surprised he will give a big hug to the girl to help him his career (not just talking dirty as the song says).

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  4. I hope we Chinese will learn how to improve our behavior in public. When we have our dumb nationalism, we will not improve ourselves. There are too many bad examples. It is not hard to find bad examples in taking subway in NYC, Toronto, or any US cities with a lot of Chinese. Why we behave so badly? One’s opinion:

    * About 250 years ago, China was bullied by 8 nations (Europeans, US and Japan). It was semi colonized and bankrupt after paying all the penalties. The civil war continued the misery. Survival was more important than behaving nicely in public. They could not afford to be nice.

    * WW2 continued the above scenario. The Japs were brutal and Chinese were treated worse than dogs.

    * Mao’s era. Mis governance caused famine – Mao had contributed a lot to China to be fair. Cultural Revolution caused the loss of education for the entire generation. We do not expect them to educate their children to be well behaved, but how to survive in a tough world that they experienced. Mao’s bamboo curtain also kept them away from understanding how developed citizens behaved.

    It will take another generation to change how Chinese behave. Some tourists from mainland Chinese are surprised to see how folks in Hong Kong and Taiwan line up for everything. At least they do not have the bamboo curtain now and they should afford to be nice. Again, we only gain respect from how we behave, and not from how rich we’re.

  5. Let the one who has not committed this kind of ‘crime’ stand up. Have we said ‘black devil’ and/or ‘white devil’?

    Few I bet as biases, stereotypes, discrimination are just human nature. Even the black discriminate against those who are blacker than themselves, same for Chinese. We just have to control our expression and be sensitive. Most importantly, do not pass our biases to the next generation intentionally or unintentionally.

    I’ve watched several videos Indians making fun of Chinese, and vice versa. No one makes a big deal on these videos. Do we have double standards when the offender is white? The punishment does not fit the ‘crime’.

    Alexandra has learned her Politic Science 101. When you’re in public, you have to be politically correct. Many politicians lose his/her jobs by slipping out some poor comments.

    She is a good communicator and can use her talent for better work than ranting. Definitely she is better than the ignorant Sarah.

    In the old days, it would take decades to communicate her rant from the wall of the lady room to millions.

    Jimmy’s beginning video pretended he is FOB (fresh off boat) like me. He could make up the entire video by mixing up several channels. He has talent, when the word ‘talent’ is over-used. Fun to watch.

  6. Even the saints make mistakes. We have 3 strikes and you’re out as long as the strikes are not serious. We all make mistakes, apologize, learn from them, and move on. She is just a college kid, has a lot to learn in life, and a lot of mistakes to make.

    Forgiveness is the best weapon as Jimmy’s song demonstrates with good taste and humor. He really promotes a good image of our race and the death threats are just the opposite.