Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Extremes of Two Nations

US and China are two countries of extremes to each other. It could be the difference in their cultures, their wealth, and/or changing of wealth. It would be best for both countries to move at least 10% away from their extremes.

US. Like no tomorrow.
China. Saving for fear of begging in the street.

Health Care.
US. Encourages folks to be lazy, so they get free health care.
China. If you do not pay in yuan, you die.

Foreign countries.
US. Either my puppet or my enemy.
China. Non interference.

US. Our pollution is not too high (translation: pollution per capita is).
China. My pollution per capita is not high (translation: total pollution is).

Human rights.
US. Killing for the name of liberty! or keeping our weapon suppliers rich.
China. Lifted 300 millions from poverty. Is this basic human right?

Military might.
US. New carrier with two nuclear generators.
China. 0 carrier.

Justice system.
US. Spent millions and let the guilty free.
China. One bullet for 99.99% guilty and warn millions.

US. #1 in all sports. Get them at all costs.
China. Let's get 100 Walmart shoppers and have a race to see which nation is fitter.

Natural resources/farm land.
US. Can support double the current population.
China. Can support half the current population.

US. Do everything for votes.
Capitalists act like communists by providing generous welfare.
China. If you do not listen, you disappear.
Communists act like capitalists by giving prime priority to business.

US. We've most Nobel's prize winners.
China. Our 6th graders can beat your college graduates in science and maths.

Model for youths.
US. If you give me one good model, I give you 10 bad models (like married politicians with outside affairs).
China. If you give me one bad model, I give you 10 good models.

Gun control.
US. Need guns for the wild, wild cities.
China. Thanks NRA for allowing us to sell them to your citizens.

View each other.
US. Job snatcher, banker.
China. Job provider, loaner.

My ridicule.
US. Nothing.
China. Me and my ridicule 'evaporate' from earth.

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