Tuesday, December 8, 2009

How the wealth should be re-disbuted

With the reckless spending and bailouts, we'll see more taxes and many
generations have to pay for them.

1. Will be higher.
2. Inflation, a kind of invisible taxes.

2010 could be the last year for low tax rates for long term capital taxes for a

Some rich folks may be forced to have their residence outside US to avoid taxes.
Some have done so already. We could be killing the geese that lay the golden

Beside inheritance, most rich folks get their wealth by working hard and taking
chances. They should pay their fair share of taxes, nothing more and nothing
less. Most donate part of the wealth to charities like Gates and Buffett
(helping the poor in Africa). I prefer we do so voluntarily instead of letting
the government mis-allocating our wealth like going to wars.

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