Thursday, October 15, 2009

Jacky Chan takes a back seat


  1. We enlisted the Chinese fighter for the front line of our Chinese army – we need to reserve the better-looking ones for the parades…

    Charles says:
    Whoever throws the first punch is wrong, I don’t care.

    Jerry says:
    The fight-stopper has a lot of self-discipline.

    BTW, I think that Jacky Chan has enough self-discipline and sense to avoid a similar fight. I personally think he would have been the fight-stopper.

  2. The black girl has a lot of nerve or is just plain stupid to start a fight with all the Chinese around, esp. picking the biggest one in the bus. It is like a small Chinese guy pick the biggest guy in a black bar. However, we should not gang up on the black lady.

    Was the driver deaf or concentrated in texting?

    Only one comment on the amazing woman and several on the fight. Can I conclude the human nature enjoys fighting more than inspiration (from the Amazing woman video)?