Friday, October 30, 2009

Ted's talks - highly recommended

Click here for Ted's talks.

I listened to several and was hooked on it already. The following description is from my good friend Tom's blog.

It contains thumbnail summaries of each talk and a clickable link to the talk of yourself. Download TED TALKS.htm to your desktop where you can click on it to transport yourself into a room with some of the brightest and best the country has to offer giving talks, recitals, and presentations that formerly would have required a $6,000 membership to an exclusive group that most of us would not be able to enter for any price.

Some of these are mediocre. Others will have you in awe, in laughter, and even in tears. They are often gold mines. If a one-site per user rule were placed on the Internet, this site might well be my site of choice.

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