Saturday, May 28, 2011

The best in life

Yes, the best in life are free or almost free: fresh air and clean water (we do not appreciate them until we visit China and even Hong Kong), healthy food, a walk around the lake or in the park. We cannot buy our grand children's beautiful laughter that makes our life so meaningful and enjoying.

Also, I enjoy our current events besides the above. It is my passion, my work that I do not get paid... otherwise life is too boring. My secret weapon in life is: I do not need expensive toys to make me happy, so money is not a big deal to me at least at this stage of our life. However, making money is fun, losing money is nightmare, loving money is the root of all evils...

Yes my dear friend May, I can treat you lobster next time you're in Boston. I only take one piece and it has to be the best tail piece as I've to watch out for cholesterol. Did any of you act last week according to the prediction of the end of human race? We should eat all the unhealthy and tasty food and charge it with our Master cards. Seems to be a sweet dream and now we've to wake up and face reality - the extra pounds we gained and the Master card statement we've to pay. Too bad that life is not totally free!

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