Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rape of Nanjing

Irene wrote on same topic in her e-mail. I include the following I commented in a blog for China.




I recommend every Chinese watch some movies about Nanjing. I hope some Japanese to watch them too, esp. the young generation - the old one will never change and they just bring their crime to the graves with them. The one I watched is about our respected Mr. Rabe, who had saved a lot of Chinese.

It turned humans into animals (Japanese), and humans into Saints (Mr. Rabe). I am still angry with those interviews with Japanese soldiers. They’re war criminals. One talked about nothing fun to rape a 12 (or 13) year old girl. One 12 (or 13) year old girl wanted to be raped to save herself and her grand pa.

The denial of Japan on this incident makes all human beings angry. Thanks to Iris Chang for writing the book on Nanjing and everyone making the documentary Nanjing (available from Netflix). How these soldiers feel if their 12 year old grand children were raped?

The toughest victims were the children of those victims whose parents were killed, raped and tortured. Do you blame these folks for not buying Japanese products for life? Why these war criminals still are bragging instead of running for their lives like the German war criminals is beyond me. Are Chinese too forgiving? I would forget and let by-gone be by-gone but cannot if the criminals do not admit their crimes.

The Japanese suffering from the 2 atomic bombs are TOTALLY JUSTIFIED. Most died in dignity. Without the two bombs, US would invade Japan and many innocent folks would die. Violence against violence is usually not my cup of tes, but it makes perfect sense here.

The citizens in Nanjing were raped, tortured and murdered. Babies were tossed to the sky and died. 250K died (350K official) in Nanjing alone. The Japanese should remove the war criminals from the “Shrine of war heroes” where the prime ministers regularly pay respect - (to war criminals???).

The Letters from Iwo Jima portrays the Japanese soldiers as kind human beings. Most are animals and you're portraying the minority. Is this the biggest movie from Hollywood to describe the human natures of Japanese soldiers? If so, Hollywood and the west do not understand the east. They are just ignorant as usual.

If there were a God, I do not think Japan is not as prosperous as today. Or, the God is not fair.

I’m not a violent guy and this movie just drives me to my limit with unbearable sorrow. We should not spread hatred. However, as one American (forget his name) said: if we do not learn from history, we would likely repeat history.


The following poem is written by Bai Ding. See separate post on his 『五三濟南慘案.





五月三日快到了,讓我告訴大家一個叫做『五三濟南慘案』 (see separate post) 的故事吧, 那時日寇還未正式侵華,但其兇暴之行,已經令人髮指。


  1. Be warned these pictures are very gruesome.


  2. Do they have a voice?
    - the babies tossed in the sky and died later
    - the girls raped and murdered
    - the 12 year old wanted to be raped to save herself and her grand pa
    - the guy who was forced to rape a corpse and died later
    - the guys whose heads were chopped for contest…

    Thanks to Iris and others making movies about Nanjing to give them a voice outside China.

    Where is the justice?
    - the evil empire still survives while no long ago they caused millions to die
    (Jap, you should learn from the French)
    - the criminals were bragging raping 12 years old
    - the top officials paying respect to war criminals
    - the text books about this incident are altered
    (Jap, look at pictures in my last post to start)
    - the first blockbuster movie from the most influential movie maker is about how humane the Jap soldiers were

    Give me a break! At least do not side with the devils.

  3. Steve L:

    One thing that I want to point out is that war is a terrible thing that would turn people into more than an animal.

    I have been to Poland, Cambodia, Vietnam, France etc. (visiting those what they called historical places- in reality, people that should not die there). In particular, I visited the 731 Chemical Unit in Shangtung 12 years ago. Ever since that day, I do not own any Japanese product except now I still have a Sony TV that was 18 years old.

    Do you know that the Emperor of Japan was spared from prosecution by General McCarty as a war criminal on condition that he handed in the secret research papers that they performed in China? That is the reason why Japan and U.S are the leading countries in cosmetic surgeries and skin products. So next time, ladies, if you put on your makeup, please consider that the blood of the Chinese people may play part of it to glorify your appearance.

    I have this “love hate relationship” of the Japanese people. I guess it is quite difficult to define. I love their patriotism, judo, cleanliness, royalties, but not their savage way towards Chinese.

    It is however sad for us that we had a corrupt government (if we had one), and everybody was so selfish and cared only for their wealth (Tony: the poor cannot afford to be nice and patriot?).

    I can never imagine that a troop of 10,000 Japanese marines that can march to Nanking; and 5,000 British marines could march to Beijing during the Opium War (Tony: at the end of Ming, the farmer army marched to Beijing with 1 million soldiers).

    Those are the national disgrace that can never, never be repeated. We learned from history, and trust that the leaders will never follow the previous mistakes that we made. Most importantly, it should be PEACE that will harmonize everything.

  4. Hzzz says:

    For those who are unsure about the immunity deal between US and Japan after WWII


    “Cover up

    As the war came to an end, the Japanese surrendered and the US moved in to run the country’s affairs, the officers and scientists responsible were never brought to trial.

    The US military got wind of what the Japanese had been working on and immediately grasped two points: They would never be able to conduct that type of human experimentation at home. And that the research had to be kept from the Russians at all costs.

    So the US cut the Japanese officers a deal: Immunity from prosecution for war crimes in return for experimental data. “