Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hi April

* Virus. Do NOT open 'Postcard from Beijing'.

* March highlights.

Yellow Flower Hill Uprising. A memoriam.

洞房花燭夜. Chinese joke and a lot of Cantonese jokes.

The new student. Great joke.

* Feb. highlights.

Lady missing a flight. Joke? Die laughing!

Sex for seniors. Real?

America. Fun but true.

Break the promise. Joke rated PG21 for Chinese kids.

* My rough rating system.
When the title has a star, it is a good one to me and two stars is a great one.

* Still trying to fix the disk storage problem. Some pictures that require a lot of disk storage disappear. The blog has no warning at all.

* You need a gmail account to comment. You can e-mail me the comment alternatively.

* Any one has the joke on 'Graduation Pictures' from Irene? I lose mine due to disk storage problem in the blog.

* If you enjoy this blog, send the web address to your friends.

Thanks for the contributions.


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