Friday, September 11, 2009

Wonderful technology

Dear All,

This is amazing!!

Go to the following website and try it out:

Wonderful technology ! 好奇妙!!!

Type in a sentence in your selected language and click “say it”. Not only it sounded like real human voice, the mouth synchronized too. Here is the link:

打入一句任何语言句子, 她或他都能說出來。連口型也對上了。請按以下網址試試吧。打入中文句子她或他能用粵語或國語說出來。十分神奇的新科技!

You type -- She or He speaks. She will say anything you type. I surely don't know how they do this!

When you move the mouse around, her eyes follow the pointer.

When you write something in the left space and then click on 'Say it,' she says it! (It takes a few seconds for her to "think" first

You can also change persons doing the talking and the language they speak.

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