Friday, March 27, 2009

Anyone know where 麻甩佬 was from?

I became too creative and thought too far outside the box with the following guess:

佬 is a guy (in a language for lower class society, or usually not a good guy like Ham Suck Lo, Fei Lo...).
麻 a skin disease in the face, so not a good-looking guy.
甩 making a la la sound

So, it is a ugly, talkative guy just like me. :)


Most likely Ding Bai is correct:
I heard that it was someone who has the look of a 披麻帶孝 guy whose 麻 was
falling apart (甩)。 That's quite a look and no laughing matter.
Seriously, no offense and my sympathy.

Cantonese is quite interesting and some slang are being forgotten.

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