Saturday, March 7, 2009

Universal Health Care

From blog in ChinaDaily.

29. TonyP4 Says:

February 27th, 2009 at 4:12 pm
Universal health care is good and bad as most systems are. Usually Canadians adopt what works in US, but not this time. Some die because the system does not allow them certain treatments or they’re in the waiting list too long.

US has a lot of holes in the current system. When you go to emergency, you’re automatically covered in most states, even if you’re illegal aliens. Not so for a regular doctor’s visit for the same health problem. The poor in Mass is pretty much covered except dental for adults.

My proposal, ideal but not practical or too many politicians/purists twisting my arm: A safety net for basic treatment for all. Then, the better coverage is paid for by individual. My point is to encourage folks to work hard, make more money and pay their own health coverage. Nothing special, noble - just common sense.


  1. Public health for China.

    *We can incorporate some of what worked in US or any developed country into China’s existing system.

    * Public messages on the harms on smoking, fast food… are required to broadcast on TVs to educate the masses. Ban cigarette ads as in US.

    * Voluntary Enforcements. Ban smoking in public places, government buildings…Encourage corporations to do same.

    * Non-voluntary Enforcements. Extra taxes on cigarettes and fast foods. Food product inspection/enforcement. Water and air pollution control…

    Prevention goes a long way. Check out my blog on the benefit of a 10 grain diet that could prevent (and cure some) almost every disease. Not 100% true but very cost effective.

    Foreign cigarettes and fast food are the flies when Deng opened the window. If they’re not controlled, it will cause a lot of harm.

    The young think cigarettes could release the high pressure in the competitive world of today’s China. The parents and grand parents spoil their kids by taking them to McDonald’s without realizing the harm.

  2. It is OK to have one basic system for basic care and you need to pay for more expensive treatments via a paid insurance system.

    It is nice to cover every one with all help, but be realistic as it would bankrupt China or any developing countries. Your health care expense is a percent of your average income per capita.

  3. In addition, we should (1) set a limit for lawsuit liability, (2) advocate prevention, (3) limit foreigners from using our service free.

  4. The problem of the health cost expense:

    1. We do not need state-of-the-art treatments. From statistics, they are not cost effective.

    2. Hospitals are not doing good financially. We need to limit the freebies like illegal immigrants using our health care service esp. in CA.

    3. The legal cost adds from 10% to 25% (depending on which report you're reading) to our health cost. We need to limit liability awards.

    4. As a permissive society, we need to encourage prevention like smoking, liquor, obesity...

    5. Encourage folks to work and get health care insurance themselves. Our entitlement system encourages folks not to work.

    6. Help to bring drugs faster and effectively. When drug companies make money, every one benefits - contrary to popular belief.

    7. It is easy for politicians to ask the rich to pay more for the health care. They will fled to other countries. Every one should be responsible for their health cost. China's policy is you do not pay, you die while US is just go to other extreme. Middle road is the better way for most.

    I'm not an expert but it is quite simple ideas. The hard part is the implementation with so many special interest groups.

  5. Why outsource the hospital services to Thailand, China...The patients can take a vacation at the same time even it could be the last one (for terminal ills). Every one wins!

  6. Aspirin should be considered for any one over 45 years old. It is a miracle drug that costs pennies.