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人之初: At the beginning of life,

性本善: Sex is good..

性相近: Basically, all the sex are same.

習相遠: But it depends on how you do it.

苟不教: If you do not practice all the time,

性乃遷: Sex will leave you.

教之道: The way of learning it

貴以專: It is very important to make love with only one person.

昔孟母: Once a great mother, Mrs Meng

擇鄰處: Choose her neighbor to avoid bad sex influence.

子不學: If you don't study hard,

斷機杼: Your dick will become useless.

竇燕山: Dou, the Famous,

有義方: Owned a very effective exciting medicine.

教五子: All his five sons took it.

名俱揚: And their sexual ability were well-known.

養不教: If your children don't know how to do it,

父之過: It is all your fault.

教不嚴: If they had lots of problems with it,

師之惰: Their teacher must be too lazy to tell them details on sex.

子不學: You may refuse to study this,

非所宜: But that is a real mistake.

幼不學: If you don't learn it in childhood,

老何為: You will lose your ability when aged.

玉不琢: If you don't exercise your dick,

不成器: It won't become hard and strong.

人不學: If you don't learn sex,

不知義: You can by no means enjoy its sweetness.

Chinese classic and totally lost in translation.
Circulated by Gregory T.

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