Saturday, February 28, 2009

hi hi

Again , missing some pictures. Could be my quota of this month's disk storage is exceeded. I've too many old jokes to post. After March, I'll re-post a lot of them that have pictures missing as the quota should be ease off by that time.

You may see some ads. There is no free lunch. However, every time you click, I get a penny. So, please click as many times as possible and it is my secret retirement plan. :(.

You can send this blog to your friends. If s/he does not get a laugh out of it, I will refund his/her money or ask him/her to check into the closest hospital to find out what's wrong with him/her. Is it better for English without gender? If I got over 1 million hits, I would be as popular as Paris Hilton if not sexier. :)

I've friends trying to post jokes here and they do not know how - it is all Chinese to me too. If you know how to register and post, please let me know.

Thanks to Irene, my high school mate, for her huge contribution.

Steve of FM has a lot of jokes that will last for two or three months. Steve is more Chinese than two of us combined although he has a body of a 'foreign devil', haha. Due to my good nature, all my friends have been made fun of one time or another. Steve thanked me for not calling him 'Big Nose'. FM is Fool's Mountain, a blog for China that I visit frequently. Do you remember the story how a fool moves a mountain?

Due to some artistic pictures of the better work of God, we may rate this blog as PG17 and PG21 for Chinese - I was not too mature and stable at 21, haha.

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