Monday, February 23, 2009


Deleted several posts as they did not show up in the entirety. Could be due to using up the limit of the disk allowance for the month.

This blog is originally used by me only to store jokes and good mails so I'll revisit them when I'm down or have nothing better to do. I like to share them so saving you time to do basically the same. Again, no ego but sometimes dumb nationalism. Please contribute. From my last check, there is at least 30 visits.

Many Power Point presentations circulated to me are really good. They cannot be imported to the blog. However, I can create a mail ID and let you folks log on to it. If there is interest, please let me know.

Hint of the day. If you're as old as I am, you may have a hard time to read this blog. Try hitting Ctrl key and "+" key at the same time. Every time you hit, the font is magically larger.

Joke of the day. Why my son cannot marry Au's family members? No one would show up for the banquet with the name 'Po-Au", diarrhea guaranteed in Cantonese. We do have some mutual friends with last name Au, do we?

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