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Save Food - not a joke!

Pls treasure any food that we can have and don't waste food...

Subject: 海地物價飛漲貧民以泥餅充飢
Subject: Inflation In Africa

The 'biscuit' from the yellow soil exposed to the sun has become the main food of the day.

Sold at the market.

The 'biscuit' from the yellow soil exposed to the sun has become the main food of the day.

新華網 131 到了午飯時間,海地人查倫·杜馬一家吃不上大米、麵粉和蔬菜,只能吃當地一種泥制餅乾充飢。
The China network on January 31: During lunch time, Zha Lun' Du Ma couldn't afford to have rice, bread flour and vegetables, they can only afford to eat the locally made putty biscuit to appease hunger.

According to the Associated Press on 30th, it is reported that, along with the rapid rise of the food price, family like Du Ma who stays at the slum area, could not afford to buy a plate of rice daily. Thus, the yellow soil 'biscuit' becomes their main food.

This putty biscuit is made from clay, salt and vegetable oil or margarine. Haiti people call it 'the special thunder', price 5 cent (USD)

The local merchants transport the unique soil from the middle mountainous area to local markets for sale. Women will buy the soil and process the soild into biscuit at the neighbour workshop.

They bring the barrel of the soil to the roof top, select out the stone and the caking soil, then mix the remaining with salt and oil. Afterwards, they shape the mixture into a small cake shape and dehydrate under the hot sun. The processed biscuit is brought to the market for sale .

An associated Press reporter tasted one of these biscuits. He described the biscuit is smooth and moist. However, the unbearable soil flavour stayed in the mouth after several hours of tasting it.

In Haiti, these soil biscuits often serve the pregnant ladies and children as anti-acid supplement and calcium supply-food.

Professor Gerald Callaghan from Colorado University who specialized in Immunology believed that, pregnant women eating the soil can strengthen the embryo's immunity to resist disease. However, parasites and toxins that also found in the soild can cause fatal effect to human body. The local doctor of Haiti said that long term dependance on that putty biscuit will bring to malnutrition and diarrhea.

Haiti is one of the of poorest country in the world, 80% of the population average earn less than two US dollars per person . Eating of the putty biscuit is due to the recent ris ing of the food price.

The Associated Press said, the global staple food price is rising. This situation is more obvious in countries located at Caribbean Sea island especially in Haiti. These countries depends on the grain import, so the national food price has risen nearly 40%.

In Haiti's Lhasa forest slum area, two cups of rice cost 60 cents, compared with last December, it rise up 10 cents, compared with 1 year ago, it rise up 50%. Even the putty biscuit price also has rise up, luckily it is still belonging to the group of inexpensive 'food'.

請大家更珍惜食物 !
Everybody , please treasure the food !


Circulated to me either by Irene or May of BHJS, my high school.

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