Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Chinese spying

When we adopt a country, we need to be faithful to her. Spying could be the worst crime to your adopted country.

The motives and consequences.
1. It gives Chinese immigrants and ABC bad names (a joke hiring a ABC as security head for a defense contractor).
2. Many jobs with security classification may not be opened to us and our children.
3. It is not ethical and how can the violators sleep.
4. If money is the motive, he/she should be prosecuted to the highest extend. There are cases like the one prosecuted for stealing the soundless submarine for China.
5. If it is dumb nationalism, his/her minds should be 'adjusted' and punished.
6. If s/he is a spy, it should be handled according to international spy law. I'm not saying CIA is not a spy organization.

There are exception cases. Sometimes I feel Chinese are prosecuted more than other nationals.
Chien, the rocket scientist, was a victim of American witch hunt of communists. I do not blame him that much and glad that China could get some valuable hands-on experience. My two cents.

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