Monday, July 20, 2009

Crazy Ben in China

Many of you have stories about your tough jobs. Here is one about an American working for a labor job in China for the experience.

It seems to be a modern Peace Corp job in China. The valuable experience could last for life and sth Ben can proudly tell his grandchildren.

My own experience as a laborer.
My grandchildren will never understand what I did for a buck. However, it is not bad at all and trained me to be a better man (becoming penny pincher and be careful about false advertising). My college mate (also from HK) told me there was a farm job opened today with a lot of beautiful Mexican girls (an obvious trap). After washing up and making myself look sharp, we rushed in for the job just before sun rise. No pretty ladies for sure, or they’re all hiding from me (could be my bad reputation).

We had to pick oranges to fill up a crate taller than I. After 4 hours of tough labor in temperature over 90, we’re all exhausted (kids from middle class HK never labor) and every one got about $1. With the $1, we went to a Swedish buffet, ate all the chicken wings we could and piled up the entire table with chicken bones. Sorry for the restaurant owner. Next time when he saw us coming, he would close the restaurant temporarily.

End of hard labor for me in this life. :) & :(

An orange never looks the same to me from then on.

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