Thursday, July 23, 2009

God of Gods

My mother was baptised. According to the Bible preaching, her family including me can go to heaven., even if I were a robber.

Repent and you go to heaven even if you're a bad criminal all your life. It does not make a lot of sense to me.

Why the rich folk is harder to go to heaven than a camel going thru a needle's eye? The rich man most likely works hard and/or leads a frugal life while a poor man is likely lazy and/or spends all his money for fun.

性本善 translates as 'babies are kind' vs 'Bible says man has sin when he was born'. Culture crashes?

Christianity also conflicts with (1) evolution (we should be evolved from an ape). (2) did we have written language to record Eve and Adam incident?

Westerns see a light in the tunnel near death, but not Asians. The Chinese ghosts stick their tongues out and jump, but not the western equivalent.

Religions are good preaching us to do good. It is not a bargain for going to heaven or having an eternal life to me.

Why I cannot argue with Christian friends on ideas if they're different from their Sunday's preachers?

The preachings are being misinterpreted. This is why folks kill in the name of religion through out history and in modern time.

Did that preachers motivate the mentally retarded followers to bomb abortion clinics?

How about all the fighting in the Middle East today and the Crusade era? No gay right? Why we preach hatred instead of love?

If there is no heaven, all the suicidal bombers wasted their lives for nothing for themselves. I do not condone what they did. However, it is their only way for them to fight the big guns from the west. If we had more of them during WW2, the Japs would not be that easy to conquer China.

As a child molester, is Michael Jackson worse than those Catholic priests committing same crime? If Vatican is a country, the Pope could be impeached covering up the incidents.

My knowledge in religions is limited. Please enlighten me.


  1. From Irene:

    I suspect there may be either a God or some gods out there. Let's put it this way, if you have a business, let's say you own it, Sole Proprietorship, if you don't take care of it for days and ends, your business will fall apart.

    If you run a business in the form of a Partnership, if both partner don't give a shit about what goes on in the company, sooner or later, you will go belly up. Somebody has to run the show. Even in a small dept. you need to have a Dept Head to lead, to facilitate, to organize and to run all the functions and activities of that dept. Big companies, small companies are the same. They need proper management to sustain their livelihood.

    Hey, even in a family, if the husband does not pull the weight, then the wife has to jump in to pick up the slack and deficiencies so the children will be well looked after and the family will not fall apart. Well, just look at the universe, it is freaking massive. We are just like tiny pathetic ants crawling underneath some mighty mountain mama. Look at the natural, systematic changing of seasons, the rise and fall of the sun, the moon, and the stars, the gravitational force we know for sure it exists, the amazing solar system. etc., etc. Somebody has to be somewhere out there managing what goes on around us 24/7 from alpha to omega.

    Just imagine what horrific disasters can happen if the air traffic controller dozes off for a moment because of a sleep attack, or the pilots tune out from the air traffic controller, or forgetting how to do an emergency belly landing under adverse conditions or mechanical problems, say the landing gears fail to drop down right before landing. All in all, the God or the gods must be sitting in his/her/their comfy Lazy Boy sighing or laughing at how stupid the human beans are.

    All of those horrific wars and the merciless killings by those murderous dictators. Somebody was mentioning awhile ago about how he can foretell the next generation will be good or better, judging by the good looks of of the now generation.

    Hey, Hitler had a mean looking face. He only killed about 11 million of which 6 million were Jews. Stalin, the bloody murderous dictator had killed about 20 million in total. But, our Chairman Mao, who's really 男生女相. He did not have a mean looking masculine face like the other murderous dictators in history at all. In fact, he had such a harmless, friendly, sincere, kind and benevolent smilie face, but he had killed up to 70 million of which they were mostly, if not all his own lot. That lovely, kind face had fooled a lot of people.

    We, the Chinese people 真係好鬼死慘 and 好鬼死可憐 and tragically 淒涼!!! No other murderous dictators throughout the world in history had killed more than Chairman Mao, you know. They didn't even come close to what he did. It is really haunting and fucking unthinkable every time my mind travels back to the nightmare young red guards days. Looks are just so very deceiving. What they say, 人不可以貌相, 海水不可以斗量.

    Look at Paul Bernardo, a young innocent, good looking white male, who would ever have imagined he was such a perverted serial sex murderer? And if you still remember, it took them a super long time to catch him because he had everyone fooled. One of my teacher colleagues had taught him at a Scarborough high school, in the nice Guild Inn area.

    He told me that Paul Bernardo was a very nice, polite, quiet kid in his class. He was never ever a shit disturber or a bully in school. And what happened???!!!!!

  2. According to Irene, if we've some many eternal lives, the heaven would be over-populated.

    The Buddhists have better idea: they 'recycle' the dead to next life according to what good/bad deeds you did in your last life.